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Ronen Tanchum on ‘Moments in Time’: An Interview

“Moments in Time” is more than just art on display; it’s an entrancing symphony of technology, imagination, and architectural wonder, gracefully situated at the vibrant core of Science Park Towers in Jönköping, Sweden. In this exclusive interview with Ronen Tanchum, the Creative Wizard from Phenomena Labs spearheading this groundbreaking project, we embark on an exciting journey to uncover the origins, inspiration, and the enchanting impact of this immersive wonder.

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one table, one chair, and a picnic basket in the middle of a lush meadow

Table for One: An Immersive New Reality in Restaurant Dining

As sanctions continue to lessen and physical distancing rules are easing across the globe, many people are eager to get back to some semblance of routine. The fact remains that a post-COVID-19 world will not look the same no matter how quickly we return. And in no aspect of social life is that harsh reality felt greater than in the hospitality industry. However, one “restaurant” in Sweden is taking a unique approach to dining—an approach that may well become the new normal.

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dog posing for a photo next to the castle Anonymouse MMX built at Bradda Head on the Isle of Man

Swedish-Based Art Collective Creates Magic on the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man, a tiny, self-governing British Crown dependency situated between Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales in the heart of the Irish Sea, features prominently in Britain’s history of scintillating storytelling. A proud population of around 80,000 Manx occupy this mythical territory, and most are keen to preserve its rich connection to traditional fairy folklore. And they’ve recently gotten some help from an outside source.