Ronen Tanchum on ‘Moments in Time’: An Interview

Captivating Data Sculpture: “Moments in Time” at the Heart of Science Park Towers, Jönköping, Sweden – A Phenomena Labs Masterpiece

Moments in Time” is more than just art on display; it’s an entrancing symphony of technology, imagination, and architectural wonder, gracefully situated at the vibrant core of Science Park Towers in Jönköping, Sweden. The mesmerizing art installation vividly mirrors the ebb and flow of the complex’s daily activities on a vast 17-meter-wide screen, embellished with more than 6.5 million LED pixels.

In this exclusive interview with Ronen Tanchum, the Creative Wizard from Phenomena Labs spearheading this groundbreaking project, we embark on an exciting journey to uncover the origins, inspiration, and the enchanting impact of this immersive wonder. Join us on an adventure to explore how “Moments in Time” blurs the lines between art and architecture, captivating the community and pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in the world of integrated, data-driven art. Discover how it captures the essence of Jönköping, seamlessly weaving with its surroundings, and transforming ordinary moments into unforgettable memories. Uncover pioneering techniques, conquer adversity, and catch a glimpse of the future of crafting revolutionary art that resonates with the very soul of a space. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a tech buff, or simply curious about the evolution of public spaces, this interview is your ticket to an enthralling journey into the realm of “Moments in Time.”

Would you kindly delve into the inception of the “Moments in Time” project and the initial spark of inspiration that set it in motion?

“Moments in Time” sprouted from a vision of intertwining art, data, and space into a seamless narrative. The core idea was to create a dynamic mural that mirrors the pulsing rhythm of a Jönköping building. By harnessing real-time data from both the building’s internal operations and external meteorological influences, our goal was to establish an organic connection between artistic expression and the building’s occupants, transforming it into a symbiotic source of inspiration and reflection.

The installation is divided into five chapters, each fueled by different data inputs. Could you explain how these chapters create a visual narrative that represents the rhythm and spirit of Jönköping?

The chapters within the installation can be likened to stanzas in a poetic tribute to Jönköping. In “Paint Brushes,” we take ordinary pedestrian movements and turn them into digital art, capturing each step and graceful motion as vibrant digital brushstrokes. “Dreams of Nature” encapsulates the breathtaking beauty of Jönköping, with wind patterns breathing life into digital images of nature’s wonders. “Weather” paints the sky’s ever-changing moods, guided by real-time meteorological details, from gentle drizzles to powerful tempests. “Energy” is a visual symphony of the building’s vitality, synchronized with its energy patterns and the ebb and flow of the day. Finally, “Flowers” comes to life with the regional flora, guided by wind rhythms and human presence, choreographing a colorful ballet.

Chapter One: “Paint Brushes” Input: Lobby Visitors’ Motion.
Immerse yourself in the role of the artist as your every move is translated into lively brushstrokes on a digital canvas.
Chapter Two: “Dreams of Nature” Inputs: Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Nature Image Database.
Take a journey into the stunning vistas of Jönköping, where nature’s images evolve into a captivating field of dynamic particles, sculpted by real-time wind data.

Chapter Three: “Weather” Input: 28 Live Weather Metrics.
Unveils a tranquil sky scene intricately connected to live weather data, conjuring snowfall, rainfall, thunder, and cloud dynamics.
Chapter Four: “Energy” Inputs: Real-Time Energy Levels and Building Flow.
Translates the building’s energy consumption data into a captivating texture that ebbs and flows with the building’s activity, complemented by an adaptive waterfall that shifts between day and night modes.
Chapter Five: “Flowers” Inputs: Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Interactive Movement.
Infuses vitality into the lobby through 3D renditions of native flora, dynamically responding to the stair-climbers’ motions, unveiling a vibrant symphony of colors and compositions.

Interactivity is a central element of the installation. How does it engage passersby and create a personalized connection between the observer and the artwork?

Interactivity is at the very core of “Moments in Time.” As visitors stroll through the lobby, they unknowingly wield a virtual brush, imprinting their own stories onto this digital canvas. Those who sync with its rhythm form an immediate connection, with their movements reflecting artistry and sparking creativity. For the more casual observer, the artwork unveils a dance choreographed by an unseen artist. This dynamic experience, combined with the building’s own pulse, ensures that each viewing is both intimate and one-of-a-kind, forging a profound and contemplative bond with the installation.

Could you discuss the technical and artistic challenges you encountered while incorporating data and interactivity into such a large-scale digital art installation?

Bridging the gap between raw data and captivating artistry presented fascinating challenges. In the realm of “Energy,” our goal was to seamlessly blend quantitative data with an organic aesthetic. As a result, we envisioned a fluid tableau directly influenced by energy metrics, juxtaposed with a seven-day consumption history, all enriched with nature-inspired textures. In the “Paint Brushes” chapter, integrating cutting-edge AI to map lobby dynamics pushed our creative boundaries, demanding fine-tuning of brush dynamics for authenticity. Achieving architectural and transitional elegance, reinforced by customized interfaces and our in-house toolkit, proved to be a formidable undertaking, leading to the development of novel tools specifically designed to overcome these artistic obstacles.

Incorporating AI in “Moments in Time,” particularly in the “Paint Brushes” chapter, is an intriguing choice. How does AI capture the movements of visitors and transform them into artistic brush strokes?

We’ve integrated an advanced AI model that recognizes both the presence of objects and the skeletal movement patterns of visitors. This data is then artistically layered onto our 3D canvas. We’ve curated five distinct brush families, and each visitor’s motion in the lobby dynamically selects a brush variant, determining its size, color, and flow. The magic lies in the seamless fusion of technology and artistry, shaping each movement into an expressive brush stroke.

Nestled at the vibrant heart of Science Park Towers, encircled by innovative startups, “Moments in Time” beautifully reflects its dynamic environment. Could you provide a deeper insight into how the artwork connects with its surroundings and its significance for the community?

We immersed ourselves in a comprehensive exploration of Jönköping’s natural beauty, its colorful palettes, rhythmic patterns, and native flora. Through close collaboration with our clients and a deep understanding of the architectural vision that shapes the ambiance, we drew parallels with the geographical features of the building. Every conceptual decision, from selecting floral species to curating captivating images of Jönköping’s natural landscapes, was rooted in this research. The artwork goes beyond mere placement; it resonates with the spirit of its surroundings, adjusting its hues with the sun’s path and considering numerous factors to seamlessly integrate within the structure.

“Moments in Time” challenges the conventions of traditional decor, envisioning a new dynamic between humans and architecture. How do you perceive the impact of data-driven art on the evolution of public spaces?

Our goal is to create a harmonious intersection between individuals and cutting-edge technology, ensuring that the latter is consistently influenced by its environment. This piece is designed to serve as a backdrop, subtly enhancing the daily routines of its viewers while fostering a sense of ownership and kinship. It’s as if the building engages in a dialogue with its occupants, offering a serene natural flow. We envision a future where such creations will become cornerstones in communal spaces, connecting residents to the spirit of their surroundings.

“Moments in Time” truly exemplifies the profound impact of art within architectural spaces. Have there been any notable reactions or feedback from observers that confirm the project’s success?

From the moment we unveiled the installation, the synergy was evident. Initial viewers, including the architects and our collaborators, were entranced. Their feedback served as a testament to the artwork’s triumph, praising its invigorating energy and its enhancement of the interior’s essence. Among the many touching moments, it was heartening to see children joyfully dancing and witnessing their joy manifest as vibrant strokes on the canvas. Furthermore, an elderly couple shared how the visuals transported them back to the Jönköping of their youth. These stories underscore the profound emotional impact our integrated artwork can evoke.

As a key contributor to the creation of “Moments in Time,” is there a particular segment or feature that holds special significance for you? If so, why?

I am particularly drawn to “Dreams of Nature.” It serves as a poetic reminder of Jönköping’s timeless charm, striking a delicate balance between the grace of nature and technological innovation. Witnessing particles dance and form recognizable landscapes evokes both cherished memories and an optimistic glimpse into the future.

As “Moments in Time” forges a new path, pushing the boundaries between art and architecture, what words of wisdom or guidance would you offer to the next generation of artists and creators who aspire to pioneer integrated, groundbreaking creations?

Dream without constraints but stay true to your purpose. Every stroke of genius, whether it originates from the world of technology or the realm of artistry, should be a thread in the tapestry you’re weaving. Seek collaborations, draw inspiration from various domains, and recognize that groundbreaking ideas thrive at the intersection of diverse perspectives. Above all, remain attuned to the essence of the space and those who inhabit it. They are not merely passive observers but essential participants in your artistic journey.