Treehotel’s Newest Addition is Biosphere Room

The Biosphere Room at Treehotel – Photo: Treehotel | Facebook

In June 2022, Sweden’s famous Treehotel announced its newest room: Biosphere.

Biosphere, a 34-square-meter room, is specially designed to immerse guests in the surrounding pine forest and attract local wildlife.

According to the Treehotel website, the Danish Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) designed Biosphere to amplify the hotel’s passion for sustainability and natural tourism. The Biosphere room’s facade contains 350 bird nests to support the local bird population in Sweden’s woods and strengthen their habitat.

To get to the Biosphere room, guests must cross a suspended bridge. Once they arrive, visitors will be met with a simple and sustainable dwelling. The room features dark interiors made from organic materials, an incinerating toilet, and a 3-liter Rukkamoinika water system.

Biosphere room interior space – Photo: Treehotel

Although the room is relatively small, it also offers a rooftop terrace with 360-degree forest views. This attraction is so close to the trees that guests can see birds and other wildlife in their natural environment.

If the Biosphere room is booked during your visit to Treehotel, don’t despair. The hotel offers plenty of other impressive room models, including the following:

●     The Mirrorcube: A cube-shaped dwelling camouflaged by mirrored walls that reflect the surrounding environment

The Mirrorcube Room at Treehotel – Photo: Treehotel | Facebook

●     The Bird’s Nest: Designed to mimic a giant bird’s nest, this room lets you blend in with the forest

The Bird’s Nest Room at Treehotel – Photo: Treehotel | Facebook

●     The Cabin: A romantic, capsule-shaped double room with majestic views

●     The 7th Room: Another camouflaged room with a base covered by a life-size photo of the forest’s treetops

The 7th Room at Treehotel – Photo: Treehotel | Facebook

●     The UFO: An intriguingly shaped room suspended from the trees by wires 

The UFO Room at Treehotel – Photo: Treehotel | Facebook

●     The Dragonfly: The hotel’s second-largest room, which serves as a private suite and conference space. 

●     The Blue Cone: A traditional wooden structure with three foundations providing height, lightness, and stability

●     The Guesthouse: Six rooms, 12 beds, and a quaint setting in the village of Harads

To book a stay in the Biosphere or any other Treehotel room, check availability here.