Get Back to Basics at Sweden’s Kolarbyn Eco Lodge

Imagine waking up to the sight of charming little huts, lovingly crafted to blend seamlessly with the pristine wilderness that surrounds them – Photo: Kolarbyn Eco Lodge

If you’re seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, look no further than Kolarbyn Eco Lodge – Sweden’s most rugged and rustic hotel nestled in the picturesque town of Skinnskatteberg (just a couple of hours from Stockholm).

Prepare to disconnect from the digital world and rediscover the simple pleasures of life as you enter the enchanting realm of Kolarbyn Eco Lodge. Here, you’ll find yourself enveloped by a breathtakingly beautiful landscape, filled with magnificent trees, juicy bilberry shrubs, and an array of wild mushrooms. And the best part? You’ll be living in one of the 12 charming little cabins (think: something out of a fairytale), which are carefully camouflaged with mud and grass to blend seamlessly into the serene surroundings. And just to be clear – don’t expect any fancy amenities like electricity or running water. This is the real deal!

Visitors adore the enigmatic appeal and off-the-grid ambiance of this travel destination, not to mention the thrilling assortment of activities available to them. Whether you’re up for a horseback ride through the enchanting forest or wish to take on a bushcraft and survival course, Kolarbyn Eco Lodge has got you covered.

Each of the 12 huts boasts two cozy bunks complete with inflatable mattresses and snuggly sheepskin rugs. These cabins are designed to comfortably accommodate two people (with one exception that can house up to six adults), although an additional bunk can be added for children.

The huts are also equipped with fireplaces to keep visitors warm, and for those who are up for it, they can chop their own firewood or even pick blueberries straight off the roofs of their huts!

And when the sun sets, gather around the cozy fireplace inside your hut or head out to explore the star-studded sky – Photo:

Since Kolarbyn offers a true escape from the daily grind and an opportunity to step back in time, guests are advised to plan ahead and pack accordingly. Make sure to bring warm, weather-resistant clothing and footwear to ensure maximum comfort during your stay. Don’t forget to pack sleeping bags, pillows, water bottles, snacks, and a bathing suit – you never know when you might feel like taking a dip in the nearby lake.

Get ready to heat things up! Glide through the serene waters of Kolarbyn Eco Lodge on a canoe, and make your way to the ultimate oasis of relaxation – the floating sauna – Photo: Inez Davidson

The physical structures that comprise the Kolarbyn Eco Lodge are intentionally crafted to blend harmoniously with the surrounding environment and minimize any potential disruption to the native flora and fauna. In addition to this, the owners of the lodge also take extra measures to give back to the environment by donating a portion of all profits towards the conservation of “nature and cultural values.”

Booking your dream stay at the Kolarbyn Eco Lodge is a breeze – simply make your reservations online with ease. However, if you need to cancel your plans, be sure to do so at least a week prior to your scheduled arrival to qualify for a full refund.