Desert safari at night with hot air balloon
Founded by Katerina Papathanasiou in February 2018, The Vale Magazine is an online publication that aims to scour the world for once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences, visually stunning art projects created by incredibly talented people, and thought-provoking and enlightening stories. It is the cultural observer of all places, people, and things seen and unseen in the world.

With a vast collection of articles, The Vale Magazine has uncovered the lives and untold stories of people from every nook and cranny of this great big world. It has discovered the hidden gems that can only be found by those who travel the road not taken, and it has taken a deep dive into the modern and contemporary arts.

From the soulful to the lighthearted, the publication connects all of humanity through its take on history and current events. It ties the past and present together with a symphony of pros made from the arts, passion, and insight from each culture and subculture our team comes across.

The Vale Magazine encompasses the very meaning of discovering the world and all that makes it unique, page by page. In all of its encompassment, our creative team attempts to reach out to each reader to inspire and enlighten with the stories of others. Indulge in small-town charm, destinations, and things not to be missed; commemorations and important moments of the present and past, and life beyond the scope of a dream, all in one place.

Everything posted on this platform is unique and carefully curated to project our team’s voice, curiosity, and passion for life. Here is where you will discover things that you did not realize existed in the world or within your own backyard. With each new article covering the unseen and unknown, the world expands, inviting those with the same curiosity and lust for life along with it.