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How the Harlem Renaissance Changed New York City

Step into the beating heart of Manhattan’s energy and culture—Harlem, a pulsating neighborhood that embraces diversity and hosts an array of New York City’s finest black-owned shops and restaurants. But wait, how did this captivating transformation unfold? Journey with us as we uncover the fascinating tale of Harlem’s evolution, from its humble beginnings to the dynamic and thriving hub it is today.

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The Cotton Club: Harlem Renaissance’s Troubled Icon

Numerous nightclubs emerged and flourished in Manhattan’s Harlem neighborhood during the Harlem Renaissance, a vibrant cultural movement spanning from the aftermath of World War I (1917) to the prelude of the Great Depression and World War II in the 1930s. One of the most famous was a problematic and heavily segregated establishment known as The Cotton Club or the Aristocrat of Harlem.