The Doodle House Is the Coolest House in Kent

Artist Sam Cox, better known by his professional title, Mr. Doodle, has created his most extensive and most immersive project to date: The Doodle House.

Cox has revamped his home in Tenterden, Kent, with his signature tools: white paint, black spray paint, black drawing paint, and a massive collection of black pens.

The project took two years to complete, but Cox has managed to cover his home with his one-of-a-kind doodles. Even the bedsheets, framed photos, and Cox’s clothing were included in the makeover!

In an interview with NBC News, Cox explained that his desire to live in a “completely doodled” dwelling started when he was 15 and doodled all over his bedroom. 

He described his passion for doodling as a “virus” that was just kind of taking over his life. He started drawing on everything around him and became “obsessed with it in the best way possible.”

The artist’s career started in 2017 when he started sharing videos of himself doodling on white surfaces with thick black paint. These intriguing videos went viral and helped Cox to grow a massive 2.7 million-person Instagram following.

In addition to building a social media following, Cox also gained enough support from his fans to fund his new home — which also served as the canvas for his latest project. He told NBC that sales from his doodle art contributed to the home purchase.

At first, one might question how an artist could sell enough doodles to buy a mansion. However, when you consider the fact that Cox’s pieces sell for tens of thousands of dollars, the purchase makes more sense. Cox also has many promotional deals with prominent brands like Fendi, Puma, and Samsung.

Those who want to see Cox in action or keep up with his latest projects can follow him on Instagram or watch him work in the following video: