Calhoun Rock Garden Takes Visitors on Exclusive World Tour

Replica of the city of Bethlehem, Calhoun Rock Garden – Photo: Calhoun Seventh-Day Adventist Church / Facebook

In Calhoun, Georgia, tucked away in a grassy valley behind a church, is the Rock Garden. Blink, and you’ll miss it. If you take the time to seek it out, though, you’ll be in for an incredible experience.

Calhoun Rock Garden is a miniature stone village that features replicas of several world-famous landmarks. Made from pebbles, shells, concrete, and ceramic pieces, you’ll find Japan’s Himeji Castle, the city of Bethlehem, and even Camelot.

Replica of Japan’s Himeji Castle, Calhoun Rock Garden – Photo: Calhoun Seventh-Day Adventist Church / Facebook

The intricacies of Calhoun Rock Garden are breathtaking. It’s been described as a “secret garden” that transports you to a new world.

The Rock Garden was created by artist DeWitt Boyd, who’s also known in Calhoun as “Old Dog.”

In an interview, Brandy Long, a woman who lives near Calhoun and helps to maintain the site, shared a little bit about Boyd’s process for constructing the replicas. She explained that he builds them in a “very specific way” and is particular about how each piece is laid.

Replica of the Colosseum, Calhoun Rock Garden – Photo: Calhoun Seventh-Day Adventist Church / Facebook
Notre Dame Calhoun Rock Garden
Replica of Notre Dame, Calhoun Rock Garden – Photo: The Rock Garden / Facebook

The Rock Garden was never meant to be an art installation. It was simply a hobby that Boyd picked up when he played with his children.

Long said that Boyd would sculpt buildings and create tiny, handcrafted people. He’d then use these models to share lessons with his children about being a good neighbor, as well as the basics of buying and selling things.

Boyd wanted to continue building after his kids grew up and moved away. To keep up with his hobby, he asked for permission in 2007 to build on the Calhoun Seventh-Day Adventist Church’s land.

Today, folks come from all over to take in Boyd’s stunning artwork. They also use the garden as a great place for prayer and meditation. Couples have even been married here, and their names are featured on plaques throughout the garden.

For those who want to visit the Calhoun Rock Garden for themselves, it is open every day from dawn until dusk.