Fully Stocked Felt Pharmacy to Open at London’s Lyndsey Ingram

Photo: Lucy Sparrow / Facebook

U.K.-based craft artist Lucy Sparrow will soon be rolling out her latest felt installation, “The Bourdon Street Chemist,” at London’s Lyndsey Ingram Gallery.

When you first look at the felt work that makes up “The Bourdon Street Chemist,” it’s easy to assume that you’re looking at a collection of toys. When you look more closely, though, you’re in for a slightly more adult-themed scene.

“The Bourdon Street Chemist” features a vast collection of intricately designed prescriptions, complete with numbers indicating their strength and the number of tablets per box or bottle. The exhibit also showcases a variety of felt organs, as well as a hospital bed, skeleton, needles, and bags of blood and saline.

Sparrow is a Somerset native who made her first appearance on the art scene in 2014 with “The Cornershop.” When creating this exhibit, she filled an empty newsagent in Bethnal Green with hundreds of felt projects, from bags of chips to bottles of ale.

Sparrow went on to showcase her work alongside world-renowned artist Banksy as part of the traveling street-art fair hosted by The Victoria and Albert Museum. She’s also known for recreating a sex shop in Soho, taking inspiration from her five-year career as a lap-dancer.

When her latest exhibit opens, Sparrow will be present in a white lab coat and mask. She’ll be signing personal prescriptions for anyone who attends. Appointments are filling up fast, too. Those who want to experience her work should schedule their visits by contacting the gallery as soon as possible.

Folks who can’t attend the exhibition can still experience Sparrow’s work on Instagram and through her website. Original artwork is available for sale, as well as a variety of merchandise, including keychains, tote bags, and enamel pins.