Snorkeling Among Brilliant Sculptures in Cancun

Underwater sculpture Museo Subacuático de Arte, Mexico

Museo Subacuático de Arte (MUSA) is a fascinating underwater museum of art in Mexico featuring over 500 permanent life-sized sculptures. The artworks, covered in thick algae, are hosted in three different galleries that are submerged between three and eight meters below the ocean’s surface in the warm crystal clear waters surrounding Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and Punta Nizuc.

Visitors can explore plenty of sculptures via scuba diving surrounded by corals and other marine vegetation in Salon Manchones, located off the coast of Isla Mujeres. Salon Nizuc is the ideal destination to enjoy a unique snorkel excursion 4 meters below the sea surface. Salon Nizuc’s artifacts can also be seen either via a marvelous glass bottom boat cruise or by joining the jungle tour. The depth of the Punta Sam area is 3.5 meters offering Mexico’s visitors a fantastic snorkeling spot to admire some more artworks anchored at the bottom.

487 of the underwater sculptures were created by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, known for his amazing public projects aiming to encourage environmental awareness. The rest of the artifacts have been constructed by Mexican artists Karen Salinas MartinezRoberto Díaz AbrahamRodrigo Quiñones Reyes, Salvador Quiroz Ennis, and Elier Amado Gil.

The artifacts, located at the Cancun National Marine Park, were designed to protect the second-largest barrier reef in the world supporting the breeding of marine life while providing a safe habitat. Roberto Díaz Abraham, former President of the Cancun Nautical Association, and Jaime González Cano, current Director of the National Marine Park, were the main instigators of the ambitious project.

“The Banker” Underwater Sculpture in Salon Manchones by Jason DeCaires Taylor
“Inertia” Underwater Sculpture inS Salon Nizuc by Jason DeCaires Taylor
"Vestiges" Underwater Sculpture in Punta Sam by Elier Amado Gil.
“Vestiges” Underwater Sculpture in Punta Sam by Elier Amado Gil.