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David Zinn Brightens up City Streets With His Chalk Drawings

Chalk isn’t just for children. For artists like David Zinn, it’s a powerful tool for creative expression. Zinn is known for his whimsical and highly detailed chalk drawings, which he leaves on a variety of surfaces, from sidewalks to brick walls. Often, he even incorporates real-life elements, including cracks in the concrete or a manhole cover on the street, into his finished product.

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Airbnb Offers Chance To Spend the Night in Hell

Hell, Michigan, that is. That’s right, nestled deep in the southern region of the “Great Lakes State,” in Livingston County, lies an unincorporated community called Hell. With no defined boundaries or population statistics, Hell (as it appears on maps) is difficult to take seriously as a place name. But don’t tell that to the locals, especially the self-proclaimed Mayor of Hell, John Colone, who keeps his town’s reputation alive by indulging visitors with terrifying tableaus and horror stories.

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Polka-dotted house and painted car for the Heidelberg Project in Detroit, Michigan.

Tyree Guyton’s Polka-Dotted “Heidelberg Project” in Detroit

The “Heidelberg Project” is a world-famous square block of street art in a neighborhood once scarred by drugs and crime on Detroit’s East Side. It was created by urban environmental artist Tyree Guyton, assisted by his wife and grandfather, in 1986, in his effort to draw people’s attention to the state of the city following the 1967 Detroit Riots.