Big Time Sensuality at Abigail Ogilvy Gallery’s LA Debut

Installation view – Big Time Sensuality

Imagine this scene: as the sun sets over the bustling streets of Los Angeles, at 1923 South Santa Fe Avenue, a warm glow envelops a gathering of art enthusiasts, collectors, and creatives. They’ve come from near and far, converging at the eagerly anticipated opening of Abigail Ogilvy Gallery’s latest venue. The occasion? The electrifying debut of the “Big Time Sensuality” exhibition, meticulously curated by the spirited Alexandra Terry.

The exhibition, which draws its name from the iconic 1993 Björk song, delves into the profound themes of vulnerability and courage in the realm of creativity. Visitors are treated to an impressive collection featuring a diverse range of artworks, including paintings, ceramics, fiber works, and photography.

“Big Time Sensuality” brings together the works of eleven exceptionally talented artists from Southern California and the Central Coast region. These artists, including Sherise Lee, Chad Hagerman, Yasmine Esfandiary, Abel Guzman, Cassandra C. Jones, Jane Hollick, Jade Gordon, Megan Whitmarsh, Maria Arroyo, Elena Stonaker, and Leonard Wilson, inject their distinctive viewpoints into the exhibition, weaving a captivating tapestry of artistic expression that deeply connects with attendees.

Big Mama (In Bloom), 2019 – 2023
Dyed Cotton canvas, various fabric, glass and wood beads, embroidery thread, polyfill stuffing
126 x 60 x 24 in.

Alexandra Terry, the curator behind this vibrant display, is a widely recognized figure in the global art scene while being deeply rooted in California’s dynamic artistic community. Her distinguished career includes serving as the Chief Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara (MCASB) and holding the role of Curator and Artistic Director at the MOP Foundation. Her contributions to international art publications further underscore her unwavering commitment to championing diverse artistic voices.

Terry’s curation for “Big Time Sensuality” reflects her dedication to showcasing various aesthetic styles and artists from different backgrounds. The result is a compelling collection that makes a resounding first impression for the newly opened gallery.

The launch of this exhibition heralds the exciting inception of a new chapter for Abigail Ogilvy Gallery’s Los Angeles presence, marking a dynamic expansion alongside their original Boston location, founded by owner Abigail Ogilvy Ryan in 2015. The gallery’s vision for the new space is to host exhibitions curated by guest curators from both the Los Angeles area and beyond, emphasizing a wide range of aesthetic perspectives and diverse backgrounds.

“Big Time Sensuality” will enchant art enthusiasts until October 28, 2023. An opening reception was held on September 16th from 4 pm to 8 pm, giving attendees the opportunity to engage with the artists and experience the exhibition’s energy firsthand.

For those who cannot attend the exhibition in person, Abigail Ogilvy Gallery extends an invitation to explore the displayed artworks on their website. This digital access ensures that the celebration of creativity and courage can be savored by art aficionados worldwide.

For more information about the “Big Time Sensuality” group exhibition and future events at Abigail Ogilvy Gallery, please visit Abigail Ogilvy Gallery’s website.