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Big Time Sensuality at Abigail Ogilvy Gallery’s LA Debut

Imagine this scene: as the sun sets over the bustling streets of Los Angeles, at 1923 South Santa Fe Avenue, a warm glow envelops a gathering of art enthusiasts, collectors, and creatives. They’ve come from near and far, converging at the eagerly anticipated opening of Abigail Ogilvy Gallery’s latest venue. The occasion? The electrifying debut of the “Big Time Sensuality” exhibition, meticulously curated by the spirited Alexandra Terry.

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Boston Band Turns Typewriter Sounds Into Original Songs

The Boston Typewriter Orchestra began with a revelation that any inanimate object makes a suitable musical instrument. Taking the world (and YouTube) by storm, this charmingly funny, yet sarcastically serious group of musical typists is ready for anything. Ditching traditional instruments in favor of typewriters from yesteryear, The Boston Typewriter Orchestra is finding well-deserved success as fans everywhere marvel at their talent.

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two dancers during a spontaneous, raw and emotionally engaging performance

Director’s Cut of ‘2 in a Million’ Music Hit Is Now Released

Recently, legendary musician and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Sting joined up with twice Grammy-nominated DJ/Producer Steve Aoki and platinum-selling trio SHAED to collaborate on the energetic dance track “2 in a Million.” The song, a harmonious blend of vocals from the former and the latter, accented by Aoki’s cacophonous beat, is an amalgam of everything that makes all of these artists so popular. However, J.A. Moreno has now released a supplementary director’s cut that takes a deeper look at the meaning behind the music.