Pinecone Treehouse: California’s Stunning Redwood Getaway

Get ready to elevate your senses among the treetops! Experience the awe-inspiring Pinecone Treehouse Airbnb nestled in the Redwood Forest of California – Photo: The Pinecone Treehouse | Airbnb

You’ve heard of structures made from pine. However, have you heard of a house shaped like a pinecone?

If you visit the Pinecone Treehouse in the Redwoods, you’ll get to see one firsthand!

The Pinecone Treehouse is located in Bonny Doon, California’s stunning Redwood Forest. This incredible dwelling provides 360-degree forest views and is the perfect place for relaxing, reflecting, and recovering from your exciting outdoor adventures.

Embrace the magic of nature as you rest in the cozy bed of the Pinecone Treehouse Airbnb, surrounded by the Redwoods – Photo: The Pinecone Treehouse | Airbnb

The treehouse is perched 35 feet above the ground on the uphill side and nearly 60 feet above the ground on the downhill side. It features two transparent, triangle-shaped floor panels that give visitors the feeling that they’re floating above the trees.

The house was designed by Dustin Feider of O2 Treehouse and featured on the NBC nightly news in 2018.

Although a stay at the Pinecone Treehouse can be a thrilling experience, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Visitors must enter and exit through a trap door using an alternating step entry ladder. They should note that the bathroom is “woodsy,” too, with a compostable toilet instead of a plumbed one (although the bathroom does have running water and a sink and shower). The bathroom is also only accessible by exiting the treehouse and crossing a catwalk bridge.

Discover the unique bathroom area of The Pinecone Treehouse Airbnb, offering a “woodsy” experience with a compostable toilet and breathtaking forest views – Photo: The Pinecone Treehouse | Airbnb

The owners of the Pinecone Treehouse recommend that guests bring warm clothing because it can get chilly at night (extra blankets are provided). They also recommend bringing a small backpack instead of a large suitcase for easier maneuvering in and out of the dwelling.

Those who want to book a stay can do so through the Airbnb website. They should keep in mind that booking dates are released every 2-3 months.

Future guests can also tour the Pinecone Treehouse before visiting by checking out the following YouTube video.