Casa VO: A Garden with a House

Discover the serenity of this garden-centric Airbnb in Brisas de Zicatela, Oaxaca, Mexico. Relax amidst stunning wood and stone architecture with a private pool for the perfect getaway – Photo: Casa VO Arquitectura vanguardista | Airbnb

A garden is often an outdoor element that accentuates a house. However, at Casa VO in Brisas de Zicatela, Oaxaca, Mexico, the house accentuates the garden.

The house features a stunning combination of wood and stone with large openings for palm trees, the sky, and other natural elements. It was designed by Ludwig Godefroy, an architect based in Mexico City.

Whip up delicious meals in this well-designed kitchen and savor the flavors of the region – Photo: Casa VO Arquitectura vanguardista | Airbnb
Enjoy peaceful nights and refreshing mornings in this tranquil oasis – Photo: Casa VO Arquitectura vanguardista | Airbnb

A description of the house explains that the goal behind the design was to “remove everything that is unnecessary,” such as windows, doors, and finishes, and keep only the true essentials, including adjoining walls, the V-slab foundation, and the front gate.

The result is a very “generous space” that turns the facility into a “garden with a house.”

Casa VO has two bedrooms, two beds, and one bathroom and can accommodate up to four guests. However, children are not permitted because of the easy access to the roof, which poses a safety hazard.

The house itself is relaxing enough – especially because it features so much greenery – but visitors will also have a private pool for swimming and sunning (it’s also the perfect place to catch Oaxaca’s incredible sunsets each evening). Several beautiful beaches are close by as well for those who want a change of scenery.

Dive into bliss at Casa VO’s private pool – Photo: Casa VO Arquitectura vanguardista | Airbnb

Guests who are looking for other activities while in the area can choose from several options, including dolphin watching, kayaking, and horseback riding. Because of the proximity to the ocean, there are numerous seafood restaurants to choose from.

Those who want to book a stay can do so easily through the Airbnb website. They can also check out Casa VO on Instagram for a closer look at the property.