The Bloomhouse: Austin’s Enchanting Airbnb Getaway

Immerse yourself in a sanctuary where architectural brilliance embraces the beauty of nature, offering a sublime retreat that transcends ordinary experiences – Photo: The Bloomhouse | Airbnb

Austin, Texas, is home to a variety of unique vacation destinations. However, few can compete with The Bloomhouse.

The Bloomhouse is an 1100-square-foot dwelling described as a “giant seashell unicorn” that is “part Willy Wonka, part Big Lebowski.”

Like many other locations in Austin, The Bloomhouse has a fascinating backstory.

During the 1970s, Dalton Bloom, the project’s patron, and Charles Harker, the project’s architect, embarked on a mission to create a sanctuary where they could escape the demands of daily life and immerse themselves in nature. Their vision encompassed a dwelling that offered both shelter from the elements and a profound connection with the surrounding environment.

According to The Bloomhouse’s website, the structure’s unique design symbolizes the symbiotic relationships between nature and man. Its organic shape is meant to mimic airflow and the unpredictable curves of the wind.

The Bloomhouse is built around steel rebar, coated in multiple layers of polyurethane foam, and topped with concrete stucco on both sides. Its impressive insulation makes it comfortable year-round and eco-friendly.

It took 11 years to complete The Bloomhouse, which was seen as a contemporary architectural masterpiece when it was finally revealed. However, it sat empty for many years until 2017 when Dave Claunch, the former mayor of West Lake Hills, Texas, discovered and purchased it.

Claunch learned about the house when he and his wife were searching for short-term rentals to invest in. They were reviewing the Austin Business Journal when an insert for the house fell out. They were immediately intrigued and eventually decided to purchase and “rescue” it.

Claunch spent a year restoring The Bloomhouse to its original state and now rents it out as an Airbnb.

Experience warmth and comfort in The Bloomhouse’s cozy queen-size bed – Photo: The Bloomhouse | Airbnb
Step into a world of serenity with the beautiful bathroom oasis, complete with an invigorating shower that promises a luxurious escape into pure indulgence – Photo: The Bloomhouse | Airbnb
Embrace comfort and serenity in the inviting living area of The Bloomhouse, offering a perfect blend of warmth and coziness accompanied by captivating views – Photo: The Bloomhouse | Airbnb
Feast your eyes on the captivating view of the kitchen at The Bloomhouse, where culinary inspiration blends seamlessly with stunning aesthetics – Photo: The Bloomhouse | Airbnb

Those who want to book a stay can do so through the Airbnb website. Potential guests should keep in mind that The Bloomhouse does not allow children under the age of five.