Casa Tiny: Tranquil Retreat in Mexico’s Coastal Paradise

Casa Tiny provides the perfect haven for individuals in search of a secluded sanctuary, away from the bustling city life – Photo: Casa Tiny near Casa Wabi | Airbnb

Mexico is full of beautiful and unique lodging options for travelers. However, “Casa Tiny,” designed by the architect Aranza de Ariño and made from concrete and native hardwood, has an exceptionally distinct appearance.

Casa Tiny is located beyond Puerto Escondido, a popular surf town in the state of Oaxaca that is known for its many pristine beaches. Visitors have easy access to a private beach and are just a brief stroll away from experiencing the town’s gorgeous ocean views.

Casa Tiny is located a mere 200 meters from the sea – Photo: Casa Tiny near Casa Wabi | Airbnb

Guests at Casa Tiny will enjoy its open plan and minimalist layout. It’s perfect for those who enjoy simple, streamlined spaces and want lots of quiet, alone time while on vacation.

The house features an open mezzanine bedroom, bathroom, kitchen (with a brick oven for pizza making), and swimming pool to accommodate up to two guests. Pets are also welcome on the property, making it a great destination for those who want to vacation with their furry friends.

Unveiling Nature’s Canvas: Delight in a Room with a View at Casa Tiny Airbnb – Photo: Casa Tiny near Casa Wabi | Airbnb
Casa Tiny Airbnb boasts a sophisticated concrete bathroom adorned with exquisite touches and stylish finishes – Photo: Casa Tiny near Casa Wabi | Airbnb
Indulge in a day of relaxation and connection around the big table at Casa Tiny, Mexico’s serene Airbnb retreat – Photo: Casa Tiny near Casa Wabi | Airbnb
Unleash a sense of tranquility at Casa Tiny, where guests can savor the freedom of an open plan and minimalist layout, fostering a serene and uncluttered haven for ultimate relaxation – Photo: Casa Tiny near Casa Wabi | Airbnb
Dive into Blissful Serenity at Casa Tiny Airbnb’s Pool Surrounded by Lush Vegetation

According to de Ariño, the inspiration for Casa Tiny came from the famous book, “Walden,” by Henry David Thoreau, an American author and naturalist.

In the book, Thoreau describes the years he spent living in a cabin in the woods without any of modern life’s distractions. Guests can easily have a similar experience at Casa Tiny, even if they can only stay for a couple of days before returning to the “real” world.

Influenced by Henry David Thoreau’s literary masterpiece, “Walden,” Casa Tiny emerges as a captivating retreat, infused with the essence of solitude and harmony with nature – Photo: Casa Tiny near Casa Wabi | Airbnb

Casa Tiny has a 4.84-star rating on the Airbnb website with (at the time of this writing) 559 reviews. Visitors have described it as “truly stunning,” “absolutely beautiful,” and an “incredible oasis.” Clearly, people are happy with the space de Ariño has provided.

Those who want to book a stay at Casa Tiny can do so through the Airbnb website. Rates start at $217 per night.