The Tunnel of Love: Ukraine’s Most Romantic Destination

Unleash your inner romantic and embark on a journey through Ukraine’s Tunnel of Love, where the picturesque tree tunnel will enchant you and fulfill your heartfelt wishes – Photo: Myroslava Rakovets |

Typically, Paris is the first location people think of when asked about the world’s most romantic places. They shouldn’t discount Klevan, Ukraine, though, which is home to the famous “Tunnel of Love.”

The Tunnel of Love is a four-kilometer corridor formed by trees, which create a beautiful archway over the railroad that runs through it. Legend has it that those who visit can make a sincere wish, and it will come true.

This railway (which is still in operation today) was constructed during the Cold War and used by the military. The trees were used to camouflage it. After the war, the train delivered wood to a nearby woodwork factory.

Journey through the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine and catch a glimpse of this mesmerizing sight – a train passing through a natural corridor of trees, weaving a story of romance and magic – Photo: By Serhei |

The Tunnel of Love is a popular destination for Ukrainian locals and tourists (including photographers, as it’s the most photographed location in the country). However, for decades, few people knew it existed. It wasn’t until photos of it were published online and went viral that tourists started flocking there.

In addition to being incredibly romantic, the Tunnel of Love is also famous among visitors because it’s stunning year-round.

During the spring and summer, it features dozens of shades of green. In the fall, visitors are surrounded by red, orange, yellow, and brown leaves. Then, in winter, it becomes a snowy wonderland.

To get to Klevan village, visitors must take a train, car, or bus from Kyiv or Lviv. Full-day guided tours are available, or tourists can explore the area on their own.

While in the area, travelers can experience several other intriguing attractions, including the Princess Maria Rivnenska Monument, the Church of the Annunciation, and Klevan Castle. Several hotels are available for overnight visitors, too.

Photos and videos can’t truly do the beauty of the Tunnel of Love justice. However, those who want to get a glimpse before visiting in person can check out the following video from Brut America.