Unwind in Gran Canaria’s Acusa Seca Cave House

Have a peek inside the Acusa Seca Cave House – Photo: Acusa Seca Cave House | Airbnb

Gran Canaria has become an increasingly popular tourist destination over the years. If you’re planning a trip to this Spanish island but want to stay somewhere a bit off the beaten path, Acusa Seca Cave House is a perfect choice.

This stunning cave dwelling was carved into the side of the mountain in the tradition of the island’s native populations, and its roots date back to the sixth-century Berbers, who were the island’s first inhabitants.

The aboriginal settlement comes into view as you enter, allowing you to appreciate and understand their unique way of life – Photo: Acusa Seca Cave House | Airbnb

For those who want the best of both worlds — a chance to step back in time while also enjoying some essential modern amenities — Acusa Seca Cave House offers everything you need.

The vacation home accommodates up to four people with one double bed and two singles. It also offers a table and cushions to sit on, as well as a handcrafted wooden deck attached to the rock. Visitors will have access to a fully equipped kitchen, shower, and electricity, too.

Welcome to the master bedroom with double bed – Photo: Acusa Seca Cave House | Airbnb

When you stay at Acusa Seca, you’ll love the complete darkness you can experience at night, as well as the isothermic construction that keeps it at an ideal temperature all night long. Get ready for the most relaxing sleep of your life!

Acusa Seca isn’t just appealing because of its simple, comfortable accommodations. It also offers incredible views of the island’s mountain landscapes during the day and unimpeded views of the stars at night.

Savor your breakfast while gazing at the canyon view – Photo: Acusa Seca Cave House | Airbnb
The Acusa Seca Cave House presents a magnificent panorama of the canyon at sunset – Photo: Acusa Seca Cave House | Airbnb

If you need to pick up supplies on your way (or at any point during your stay), you can quickly drive to the shops in Artenara Village — conveniently located about fifteen minutes away from Acusa Seca. While there, you can also check out San Matías church and the nearby Balcón de Unamuno viewpoint.

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