How Nashville’s Church-Turned-Hotel is Still Spreading the Love

So far, The Russell has provided over 16,000 beds and meals through its charity partners

When you think of a typical hotel, you likely think of a fairly neutral, sterile space — somewhere that appeals to everyone. The Russell, a boutique hotel that opened in 2019 in East Nashville, Tennessee, takes a different approach with a bold, fun color palette.

The Russell features a brilliant array of colors, including various shades of pink, yellow, and blue.

What makes this boutique hotel even more enticing, though, is the fact that it is housed in a 115-year-old historic church. It still has a 16-foot stained glass window in the front with a color palette that sets the tone for the rest of the building.

In an interview with Domino, Katie Vance — the interior design director at Powell Architecture + Building Studio, the local Nashville firm that oversaw The Russel’s concept, design, and construction — explained that the stained glass window served as the focal point for the entire project. It paid “homage to the church’s beginnings” as well as the east Nashville neighborhood where it’s located.

According to the hotel’s website, The Russell features 23 unique rooms, each with an “unmatched” character. Many original elements of the church are included in the design. For example, pews serve as headboards, and many of the old brick walls remain visible. 

The Russell isn’t just an impressive hotel because of its stunning design. It’s also on a mission to serve the community with its slogan, “Stay Here, Change Lives.”

A portion of each night’s stay is given to local homeless ministries. The Russell notes that an average stay can provide “16 beds and warm meals” to the city’s homeless shelters.

Between its beautiful setting and admirable mission, The Russell is beloved among travelers from across the globe. At present, it holds a 4.9-star rating on Google and is ranked as the number one hotel in Nashville on TripAdvisor among 52 available specialty lodging options.

Those who want to schedule a visit can do so through the hotel’s booking page.