ANNA Stay: Indoor-Outdoor Living in Harmony with Nature

ANNA provides a nurturing haven of comfort and a design that seamlessly blends with the outdoor environment – Photo: Cabin ANNA

Can’t decide between an indoor or outdoor vacation? ANNA Stay lets you have the best of both worlds. 

Caspar Schols, a designer from the Netherlands, is responsible for ANNA Stay — the latest iteration of his original creation, Cabin ANNA.

ANNA Stay is made from timber and glass and features two sliding shells. These sliding shells allow the cabin to slide open so visitors can enjoy an unimpeded view of the sky, day or night, and breathe the fresh air.

ANNA Stay features a large living area, an indoor bathroom with a shower, and a comfortable kitchen. The living space also includes a luxurious soaking tub integrated directly into the floor.

The true charm of ANNA Stay lies in its versatility to adjust its floor plan to suit the changing seasons and weather conditions – Photo: Cabin ANNA

According to Schols, ANNA Stay is designed to keep guests comfortable during all seasons.

For example, in the winter, its insulated wooden shells retain warmth “like a thick winter coat.”

In the spring and autumn, the glass keeps rain out and lets the sun in for additional warmth. Visitors can also slide and close the wooden layer to keep cool air in or slide the glass layer open for a nice breeze.

Schols hopes that the versatility of ANNA Stay will encourage guests to interact with nature in a way that makes them comfortable. He noted that most people from developed countries have never slept outdoors. He dreams of creating a “network of ANNAs” to give people more “freedom to live passionately and consciously as part of nature.”

Currently, visits to ANNA Stay are only available for pre-order. An off-grid version is also available in the Netherlands. Those who want to apply for a pre-order can do so through the Cabin ANNA website.

While guests wait for a chance to see ANNA Stay in person, Schols is already working on another ANNA iteration (ANNA Meet), which will be released in 2024.