‘Our Lady of the Rockies’ Honors Women Worldwide

Our Lady of the Rockies, Butte, Montana – Credits: Knights of Columbus

When you travel to Butte, Montana, you’ll be amazed by the incredible views of the Rocky Mountains. You’ll also be impressed by Our Lady of the Rockies — a famous glowing statue designed to honor women everywhere.

Our Lady of the Rockies stands 90 feet tall and sits across from the Montana Connections Business Development Park. This statue was designed to resemble Mary, the Mother of Jesus. However, it is dedicated to women of all religions and beliefs.

Made of over 80 tons of steel, Our Lady is the fourth-largest statue in the country (after Birth of the New World in Puerto Rico, the Statue of Liberty in New York, and the Pegasus and Dragon in Florida). She was first imagined by a Butte native, Bob O’Bill.

Bob came up with the idea for the statue after his wife, Joyce, was diagnosed with cancer. He promised himself that if she survived, he would erect a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe in her honor. When she lived, he got to work on the project.

Our Lady of the Rockies was constructed with the help of donations — of money, materials, and labor — from the community. It was designed by a retired engineer named Laurien Eugene Riehl, who previously worked for the Anaconda Copper Mining Company.

The project began in December 1979. It was completed in December 1985 when the Army National Guard airlifted the statue in four separate sections to Saddle Rock, its current location.

Although the statue was created in honor of Joyce O’Bill, it represents all women today. It’s an incredible landmark for anyone who wants to honor a remarkable woman in their life.

Those who visit Butte can take a tour and see the statue up close. They can even walk around inside!

Tours occur daily in June, July, and August at 10 am and 2 pm. They’re available in September and October as the weather allows. 

All tours require reservations. Tickets can be purchased by phone at 406-782-1221 or through the statue’s website.