Tremblant Suite Chalets Offer a Top-Tier Vacation Experience

Klīnt Tremblant | Photo: Suite Chalets

If you want to enjoy stunning natural views without sacrificing your creature comforts, The Tremblant Suite Chalets are the perfect choice for your next travel destination.

The Suite Chalets are a collection of Scandinavian-inspired dwellings located on a 1,200-acre site in the middle of Quebec’s Chic Shack housing project and just minutes from the Mont-Tremblant Village. With floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, these chalets provide unobstructed views of the area’s incredible scenery.

Every element of The Suite Chalets boasts an impeccable design that shows respect for the surrounding environment. Designer Camille Charland-Perez developed a custom design for each chalet, although they all share wood floors and a neutral color palette.

Each chalet accommodates up to six people and offers the following amenities:

● Three bedrooms
● Full kitchen
● Modern bathroom
● Central wood fireplace
● Large exterior terrasse
● Private spa

All guests enjoy access to The Suite Chalets’ concierge services during their stay. These services include access to a gourmet chef, massages and spa treatments, fitness classes, and a selection of fun and fulfilling outings and activities.

Guests can also choose from four different layouts:

●     The Sköv: The Sköv (Danish for “forest”) sits on the treetops and features a fully glazed central living space with 360-degree views of the Tremblant forest (rates start at $350)

Sköv Tremblant | Photo: Suite Chalets

●     The Kliñt: The “Kliñt” (Danish for “cliff”) sits on the mountainside and offers a 360-degree view of the mountains of Tremblant (rates start at $350)

Klīnt Tremblant | Photo: Suite Chalets

●     Le Lykke: Le Lykke (Danish for “happiness”) is a luxurious solid wood structure situated in the Ouareau Forest Regional Park (rates start at $295)

Lykke St-Donat | Photo: Suite Chalets

●     The Snø: The Snø (Danish for “snow”) is an all-white chalet perched at the top of the mountains with an incredible view of the Tremblant mountains (rates start at $399)

Snø Tremblant | Photo: Suite Chalets

Those who want to book a stay at The Suite Chalets can do so through the destination’s website