Immerse Yourself in Norway’s Arctic Hideaway

Tower house inspired by a Sami Njalla (storage cage) – The Arctic Hideaway | Photo: Martin Losvik

Tropical holidays are so overrated — take a trip to a stunning Nordic wonderland instead! The Arctic Hideaway in Nordland is an incredible collection of tiny houses that provides a one-of-a-kind vacation destination.

An hour’s boat ride from Bodø sits the Arctic Hideaway. It comprises 12 unique buildings, five of which are sleeping cabins. Travelers can also spend time in these shared areas:

● A kitchen
● A facility for indoor or outdoor dining
● A living room
● A bathhouse
● A wood-fired sauna
● A dressing room
● A tower house

Photo: The Arctic Hideaway | Airbnb
The dinning table in the kitchen house | Photo: The Arctic Hideaway

The Arctic Hideaway’s website explains the meaning behind the location’s Norweigan name, Fordypningsrommet, which translates to “The Immersion Room.” This destination is designed to “cleanse the senses” and immerse travelers in the incredible scenery of northern Norway.

The Arctic Hideaway is the perfect place to watch the midnight sun – Photo: The Arctic Hideaway | Airbnb

Visitors won’t have access to cars or shops during their stay. However, they will have plenty of opportunities to relax and reconnect with their loved ones and, more importantly, themselves.

When delivering his opening speech in 2016, the President of the Norwegian Parliament, Olemic Thommesen, said that The Arctic Hideaway reminds visitors that “immersion, calm, and silence” must be “raised as an intrinsic value.”

Those who stay at the Arctic Hideaway will enjoy comfortable accommodations and delicious meals.

Options for sleeping rooms include two one-bedroom cabins, each with one double bed, a one-bedroom cabin with two single beds, and a one-bedroom cabin with one single bed. The iconic tower house, the Njalla, can also be configured as a double bedroom, sitting room, or workroom.

Guests can enjoy a breakfast buffet every morning from 9 to 10 am. Lunch is served at 2 pm, followed by dinner at 7 pm. Wine and local beers are sold onsite as well.

Those who want to stay at The Arctic Hideaway can book their trip through the property’s website or through