TreeHouse Point Gives Your Childhood a Luxury Makeover

Temple of the Blue Moon at TreeHouse Point – Photo:

When you were a child, there was nothing quite like spending the night in a treehouse. Now, thanks to the TreeHouse Point hotel and event center, you can have this experience as an adult — with some luxury amenities thrown into the mix.

Located in Fall City, Washington (about 30 minutes from Seattle), TreeHouse Point was designed with romance in mind. It provides visitors with a unique, peaceful, and intimate overnight experience.

TreeHouse Point hotelier Pete Nelson — who also starred in the reality show “Treehouse Masters” — explains that his inspiration for the hotel came from the treehouses he built with his father as a child.

Today, the hotel features seven rentable cabins, plus a central lodge, a multi-purpose event center, and two bathhouses. All of TreeHouse Point’s indoor spaces are heated, and guests receive everything they need for an enjoyable stay, including bedding, towels, shampoo, and conditioner.

The lodge offers complimentary Wi-Fi, books, board games, dishware, and snacks. Guests also receive a delicious, home-cooked breakfast every morning in the lodge.

TreeHouse Point is a popular getaway destination for couples because it does not allow children under the age of 13. This rule ensures that the hotel can be relaxing and rejuvenating. The hotel’s website also notes that the rule is meant to create a “romantic and restful ambiance.”

Although they cannot stay the night, children are allowed to tour the property and attend private events.

There is plenty to do at TreeHouse Point, but visitors can also find various attractions a short distance from the hotel.

Several delicious restaurants and quaint coffee shops are located just a 15-minute drive from the property. Visitors who feel more adventurous can also check out one of the numerous nearby hiking trails.

To book a stay at TreeHouse Point, visit the booking page of the hotel’s website. Potential visitors should note that the hotel is reserved for private events from Friday to Sunday until 60 days out.