World’s First Moon-Shaped Hotel to Open in Dubai

Rendering of MOON in Downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Photo: Moon World Resorts Inc.

Dubai, the United Arab Emirates’ most populous city, is well-known for its incredible architecture. However, Moon World Resorts plans to add another impressive, moon-shaped building.

Moon World Resorts, a Canadian architecture company, is eager to construct a massive, 735-foot replica of the moon. The $5 billion Dubai location will be the first of four MOON resorts. 

Sandra Matthews and Michael Henderson, the founders of Moon World Resorts, say that the new hotel will accommodate as many as 10 million visitors annually. It will include a nightclub, a spa and wellness center, a jazz piano lounge, and a convention center designed to attract tech and aerospace exhibitors.

Not only will this hotel offer the first-class amenities that every resort visitor expects to enjoy, but it will also offer astronaut training platforms!

Furthermore, while it’s not possible yet to live on the moon, it will soon be possible for people to live in the moon.

The hotel will feature 144 luxury units available for purchase. These 2,000-square-foot villas will include lifetime memberships to the resort.

Last year, Moon World Resorts announced plans to bring a MOON hotel to Las Vegas. During this announcement, Henderson explains that he and Matthews first came up with the idea in 2001. They then decided to create an “authentic, mega-scale reproduction” and incorporate “the world’s largest sphere.”

In addition to a hotel in North America and MENA, Henderson and Matthews also plan to construct MOON hotels in Asia Pacific and Europe. 

It’s unclear exactly when the MOON hotel will be open to tourists and potential residents.

The plans for the Dubai hotel are still being finalized. When they’re completed, Moon World Resorts estimates another two years for construction.

Those who want to stay informed about the hotel’s progress — and learn about plans for other structures — can follow Moon World Resorts on Instagram.