Enjoy an Off-Grid Adventure in Adrère Amellal

Photo: Nabil Tarazi

Egypt has far more to offer than the pyramids. For those who want to get away and go off-grid while visiting this beautiful country, a trip to Adrère Amellal could be a perfect choice.

Located in Siwa Oasis, which is nine hours outside of Cairo, Adrère Amellal has been described as a “remote eco-lodge.” To be more specific, it’s a handcrafted 40-room hotel that blends perfectly into the desert landscape.

Photo: Touwfik Dejani

A stay in these buildings, which are made from mud, provides access to stunning views of the surrounding sand dunes and salt lake — as well as unparalleled views of the stars when night falls.

Photo: Omar Hikal

Adrère Amellal is unique for many reasons, including the fact that there is no electricity in the hotel. Nights are particularly magical here, as every room is lit exclusively by beeswax candles.

Photo: Khaled Nagy
Photo: Khaled Nagy

For those who are worried about temperature control in an electricity-free location, there’s no need to panic. The hotel offers plenty of blankets, as well as hot water bottles left between the bedsheets, to ensure guests stay warm.

Photo: Michal Podrucki

In addition to enjoying calm rooms with gorgeous views, guests at Adrère Amellal will also get to taste a variety of incredible cuisine. All of the food served at the hotel is locally grown — in fact, it all comes from the property grounds — and is free from pesticides.

Photo: Bernard Touillon

Some of chef Arafa Mahmoud’s signature dishes include organic tomatoes stuffed with herb garden peas, hibiscus risotto, and date cigars. Lunches are often served by the pool, and at sunset, a variety of liqueurs are brought out to the guests, served alongside appetizers and local olives.

Those who want to book a stay at Adrère Amellal can do so through the hotel’s website. Room prices range from $525 per night for a single room to $1,620 per night for a suite.