Drag Superstar Creates Iconic Palm Springs Motel

Trixie Mattel at Yeehaw Cowgirl Suite – Photo: Trixie Motel

If you’ve ever made a joke with a friend or loved one about something really crazy either of you might want to do, it just might happen. At least that’s the case for Trixie Mattel and her partner, David Silver. The “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” Season 3 winner ended up deciding on opening up a retro-kitschy style motel in Palm Springs, California.

Each room is designed with a little something from the beloved character. The millions-of-dollar-investment became a bold and daring statement with its one-of-a-kind look, feel, and the unique memories you’ll leave with.

Queen of Hearts Room – Photo: Trixie Motel
Flower Power Suite – Photo: Trixie Motel

Officially ready for business in September 2022, you too will be able to experience the fun and fabulous Trixie Motel at $550 a night. There’s a minimum requirement of booking at least two nights’ stay. Many rumored events are trying to give us a little peek at what to expect. However, you’ll never know what to fully expect during your stay at the Trixie Motel.

Pink Flamingo Suite – Photo: Trixie Motel

With her “little slice of impossibility,” it’s become the talk of the town, so to speak, capturing the attention of many and turning just as many heads in Palm Springs as she does. Cool off in the pool, and maybe you’ll capture an on-the-spot pool party.

With bright colors filling the motel, no one could be glum, and frankly, they wouldn’t let you. Hospitality is on the top priorities list for the Trixie Motel, and that includes making this unique Palm Springs spot a very special place for some people. It has an attached honeymoon suite that Mattel fully intends to use later on once they have the hotel up and running.

So, don’t wait until the last minute to book your stay. Whether it’s for a special occasion or if it’s just for a fun stay with a friend or two. With the motel’s seven custom themed rooms booking up fast, you won’t regret making that appointment and making some amazing memories at the Trixie Motel.