Most Anticipated Resort in Mykonos Opens Its Doors This Summer

Photo: Cali Mykonos

As the most famous island in Greece, it’s not surprising that Mykonos is a hot travel destination. It’s about to get even more exciting this summer, though, thanks to the opening of its newest resort, Cali Mykonos.

Cali Mykonos is a boutique luxury hotel that is set to open in July. Its design is inspired by the Greek mythology muse Calliope (also spelled Kalliope) and will combine traditional Greek architecture with a variety of modern amenities.

Photo: Cali Mykonos

In a press release shared with Travel + Leisure, Othon Mourkakos, founder of Cali Mykonos, said that he and the resort’s designers wanted to “create an escape” for guests that offered “the charm of culture and tradition” but were also “conscious of a sustainable future.”

The hotel will feature 40 suites and villas, each with a private pool and a deck that overlooks the Aegean Sea.

Photo: Cali Mykonos

There are no bad rooms at the Cali Mykonos. According to Travel + Leisure, though, the Cali Villa is easily one of the best options. This 3-level residence features five bedrooms and five pools, plus a private elevator, wraparound terraces, and 360-degree views of the island.

With villas and suites like this available, it’s easy to understand why someone might never want to leave their room (and with the option to enjoy private outdoor dinners at their villas, they technically don’t have to). However, the hotel also offers a signature Mediterranean restaurant led by chef Lefteris Lazarou for those who want to dine in public.

It hasn’t even opened its doors yet, but Cali Mykonos has already been recognized by a number of famous publications. Vogue featured it on its list of 2022’s Most Anticipated Hotels, British Airways named it one of 2022’s Best New Hotels Around the World, and Yahoo! Listed it among the 28 Most Anticipated Luxury Hotel Openings of 2022.

Reservations can be made through the hotel’s website.