Enjoy One-Of-A-Kind Views of the Grand Canyon On Skywalk

The Skywalk at Grand Canyon West – Photo: Grand Canyon West | Facebook

You know that the Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Do you know the best place to see these views, though? If not, now you do — Skywalk!

Skywalk is a glass bridge shaped like a horseshoe. It is just 10 feet wide and reaches out 70 feet beyond the Grand Canyon’s rim. When you walk out onto this bridge, you get to experience a breathtaking view approximately 4,000 feet down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Understandably, many visitors feel anxious when walking out onto Skywalk. They may even worry that the glass will break below them.

However, the chances of this happening are incredibly slim because of Skywalk’s impressive strength. It can hold the weight of seventy fully loaded 747 passenger jets, so it’s not going to crack anytime soon.

Packages for those who want to visit Skywalk start at just $64 per person. This package covers general admission as well as the cost of the Skywalk experience. For more options, such as a meal ticket or additional activities, prices go up to $85, $313, and $399.

Stepping out onto Skywalk and looking at Grand Canyon West is certainly an exciting experience. There’s plenty more to do while you’re in the area, though.

For example, you can visit Guano Point, take a helicopter ride to get another stunning view of the Grand Canyon, go ziplining or enjoy a meal at the Sky View Restaurant, which features floor-to-ceiling windows with panoramic views of the Skywalk. If you prefer water sports, you can also go rafting on the river.

Grand Canyon West helicopter ride – Photo: Grand Canyon West | Facebook
Pontoon ride through the calm waters of the Colorado River – Photo: Grand Canyon West | Facebook

For those who are interested in history, you can learn about the Hualapai Tribe during your visit as well. Take a self-guided tour at Eagle Point through the Native American Village to gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the people who originally occupied this land.

To buy tickets to the Skywalk experience, visit this link here.