Chapel of the Holy Cross: Sedona’s Top Spiritual Attraction

Photo: Chapel of the Holy Cross | Facebook

Of all the impressive spiritual locations found in Sedona, Arizona, the Chapel of the Holy Cross is easily the most iconic.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a stunning Roman Catholic Church building that has been constructed directly into Sedona’s red rocks. It stands 200 feet above the ground and features a 90-foot cross at the center.

This chapel was built in 1956, although sculptor and local rancher Marguerite Brunswig Staude first came up with the idea for it in the early 1930s. She planned to build a chapel with the help of Lloyd Wright (son of her former instructor Frank Lloyd Wright), but they weren’t able to get started at the time because World War II interfered with their plans.

After the war ended, the pair got back together and decided to build their chapel in Sedona’s Coconino National Forest. This forest is one of the most diverse in the United States, with pine forests, red rocks, desert landscapes, and alpine tundra all in one location.

Photo: Chapel of the Holy Cross | Facebook
Photo: Chapel of the Holy Cross | Facebook

Understandably, the Chapel of the Holy Cross is breathtaking to behold. However, that’s not the only reason it’s a popular travel destination for spiritual people. It is also known as a vortex site.

Many of the hiking trails around Sedona (including the one that leads to the chapel) possess “vortex energy,” or concentrated energy that rises from the earth. Many people who visit these areas report feeling a sense of healing and greater balance afterward.

For those who want to experience the chapel in all its glory, it’s worth noting that the hike is quite accessible.

The 1.3-mile Chapel Trail starts at the church parking lot and extends along the base of the red rocks until it meres with the Little Horse Trail. From here, visitors will take a short hike to the Chicken Point Overlook.

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