Goldwell Open Air Museum, Beatty: Nevada’s Claim to Fame

The Last Supper 1984 by Charles Albert Szukalski, Goldwell Open Air Museum – Photo: James Marvin Phelps | Flickr

Anyone who’s taken a road trip through Nevada knows that the drive can be a bit boring. To spice things up, though, consider taking a detour to the Goldwell Open Air Museum in Beatty, Nevada.

The Goldwell Open Air Museum has been named one of the most unique places to view art in the entire world. It features seven massive sculptures, including a life-size version of the Last Supper, a tribute to one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s most famous paintings. Some other impressive works you can take in during your visit include a 25-foot woman made from pink cinder blocks and a 24-foot steel prospector and penguin duo.

Tribute to Shorty Harris 1994, Fred Bervoets – Photo: Goldwell Open Air Museum
Lady Desert – The Venus of Nevada 1992, Dr. Hugo Heyrman – Photo: Goldwell Open Air Museum
Icara 1992, Dre Peeters – Photo: Goldwell Open Air Museum

The Goldwell Museum spans nearly 8 acres of land and was created by a group of talented artists, including the late Charles Albert Szukalski. These artists were drawn to the desert atmosphere and saw it as a place where they could express themselves and break free from the bonds of convention.

Ghost Rider 1984, Charles Albert Szukalski – Photo: Goldwell Open Air Museum

In addition to providing art lovers with a place where they can enjoy unique, fascinating sculptures in the fresh air, the Goldwell Open Air Museum also offers an artist residency program.

The Artist Residency and Workspace Programs are designed to “challenge and support” all kinds of artists in their creative growth. It provides “time, space, and solitude” for individuals to hone their craft and improve their skills. Those who want to become a member of this program can sign up or learn more about it here.

Tourists can take in the beauty of the Goldwell Museum at any time of day for free. Whenever they’re passing through Beatty, which is located 120 miles from Las Vegas, they’re welcome to stop by.

Sit Here! 2000, Sofie Siegmann – Photo: Goldwell Open Air Museum
Rhyolite’s District of Shadows, Eames Demetrios – Photo: Goldwell Open Air Museum

For those who want to support the museum monetarily and contribute to its founders’ vision, there is a small on-site gift shop, as well as an online donation option.