teamLab Presents ‘Digitized Kairakuen Garden 2022’

Autonomous Resonating Life and Resonating Giant Cedar Forest, teamLab, 2021 – Photo: teamLab

Japan’s famous Kairakuen Garden is getting a temporary makeover this month, courtesy of the teamLab international art collective.

From February 1 to March 31, the historic Kairakuen Garden will feature a stunning digital art exhibit crafted by teamLab artists to celebrate its 180th anniversary.

Walk, Walk, Walk – Moso Bamboo Forest, teamLab, 2021 – Photo: teamLab
Ever Blossoming Life Tree – Giant Taro Cedar, teamLab, 2021 – Photo: teamLab
Ever Blossoming Life Tree – Fallen Jiro Cedar, teamLab, 2021 – Photo: teamLab

A statement from teamLab explains that this project will transform the garden into an “interactive art space” that changes when people are present. The purpose of this installation, in addition to celebrating a significant anniversary, is to explore the ways that nature can become a work of art — without causing any harm to the trees or the surrounding environment.

Enso in the Natural Spring – Togyokusen, teamLab, 2021 – Photo: teamLab

Kairakuen Garden was created in 1842 at the end of the Edo Period, the final period of traditional Japan and a time when the country was ruled by the Tokugawa shogunate. This garden has been named a Special Place of Scenic Beauty as well as one of Japan’s Three Great Gardens (along with Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa and Korakuen Garden in Okayama).

Kairakuen Garden is home to over 3,000 plum trees (approximately 100 different varieties) and is known for its stunning plum blossoms, which bloom for an extended period thanks to the various types of trees that are present there. The blooms start to appear in early February, so they will coincide with the 180th-anniversary celebration and create an exciting show for all who plan to visit.

Thanks to teamLab’s hard work, several digital pieces will be featured in the garden, all with intriguing titles like “Life is Continuous Light,” “Enso in the Natural Spring,” and Solidified Sparks.” The following trailer showcases some of the work that will be on display throughout February and March.

Those who want to attend this exhibit can buy tickets here through teamLab’s website. All attendees are required to wear masks and practice social distancing protocols.