Flying Sauces Serves World’s First Fine-Dining Zip Line Experience

Photo: Soneva Fushi

What do you get when you combine delicious food with a thrilling, gravity-defying experience? Flying Sauces restaurant, located at the Soneva Fushi resort in the Maldives, has the answer.

In October 2021, Soneva Fushi introduced the Flying Sauces culinary experience, which is about to land a place on every thrill-seeker and foodie’s bucket list.

To access this fine-dining restaurant, guests must travel 30 feet in the air across a 600-foot zip line course. As they zip from platform to platform, they will enjoy a variety of appetizers, refreshing shooters, and “gastronomic surprises.” The “grand finale” is an elegant meal set on a treetop platform.

Photo: Soneva Fushi

In a press release, Soneva’s CEO and Joint Creative Director Sonu Shivdasani said that the resort’s staff is passionate about “elevating the guest experience” and providing guests with a “new perspective.”

In this case, Shivdasani is clearly speaking literally. Guests will certainly gain a new perspective and unique appreciation for the island as they travel through the air and enjoy delicious food in a one-of-a-kind way.

For safety purposes, Flying Sauces is only open during daylight hours. This doesn’t limit the meal options for Soneva Fushi guests, though, who can choose between breakfast, high tea, and dinner, which also comes with a series of optional wine pairings.

Pricing for the Flying Sauces experience doesn’t come cheap, but when you consider all that’s included, it’s well worth the price. Breakfast is $175 per person, high tea costs $180 per person, and dinner costs $350 per person. Dinner with wine pairings is pricier at $595 per person. Guests can also zip line without a meal for $100 per person.

Those who want to learn more about Flying Sauces or a stay at Soneva Fushi can visit the resort’s website for more information.