Inside Burj Al Babas, Turkey’s Multi-Million Dollar Ghost Town

The buildings of Burj Al Babas, near the Turkish town of Mudurnu, were designed to resemble miniature chateaux

Castles are elegant, sophisticated, and the stuff of fairy tales. They can also be a bit spooky, though, particularly when they’ve been abandoned for years on the Turkish hillside.

Burj Al Babas, located in northwestern Turkey, is home to hundreds of such castles, each stunningly designed in the Gothic style with picturesque turrets and balconies.

These castles were once part of a massive property development project. They were abandoned due to financial constraints, though, and now sit largely untouched (with the exception of the visitors who travel to take them in, of course).

According to a report from CNN, construction on the castles, which are located near Turkey’s historic Mudurnu village (between Istanbul and Ankara), started in 2014.

At the time, a Turkish property development team known as Sarot Property Group had a plan of constructing 732 castles, as well as amenities like leisure centers, Turkish baths, and a variety of shops in the area.

Of the planned 732 castles, 583 were completed, and just a few were sold. However, most of the buyers decided to pull out when they learned about challenges associated with the project, and the entire thing was eventually abandoned in 2018 when Sarot Property Group fell on hard times.

Now, the Burj Al Babas castles sit empty on the hillside. They have become a fascinating tourist attraction, though, and are definitely worth checking out during a trip to Mudurnu.

Those who want to take a virtual tour of Burj Al Babas can do so through the following video, available via YouTube.