#TurnOffThePlasticTap by Artist Benjamin Von Wong

Turn Off The Plastic Tap sculpture by artist Benjamin Von WongLike many people across the globe, Canadian artist and activist Benjamin Von Wong has experienced a growing concern over the last few years regarding single-use plastic waste and its effect on the planet. 

Unlike many of those who are aware of the problem, though, he’s also making an effort to find a solution.

Von Wong recently unveiled a massive sculpture to make a statement about plastic waste and show how dire the situation is. The sculpture, titled “Giant Plastic Tap,” features a large metal faucet that has thousands of single-use plastics pouring out of it.

Turn Off The Plastic Tap sculpture Von Wong

In a statement about the project and what inspired him to create it, Von Wong said that he regularly looks for creative and exciting ways to get people more interested in the “boring problem of plastic pollution.”

Von Wong started working on the sculpture after France’s Embassy of Canada reached out to him about creating an installation to raise awareness about the harms of plastic pollution.

He saw the invitation as his opportunity to do more than just create art. Instead, he was able to construct a symbol that invites people from all over the world to “#TurnOffThePlasticTap.”

This is the largest piece Von Wong has created to address the problem of plastic waste and climate change, but it’s not his first. He has also previously created an 11-foot wave that is made from 168,000 plastic straws and a giant crystal cave made from 18,000 plastic cups, among others. 

Von Wong’s most recent creation isn’t just meant to get people talking. It’s also meant to encourage them to take action and make their own statements about the issue.

Turn Off The Plastic Tap art by Benjamin Von Wong
Turn Off The Plastic Tap art by Von Wong
Turn Off The Plastic Tap by artist Benjamin Von Wong
Between October 4 and November 4 of this year, a contest is running for all artists who want to “remix” Giant Plastic Tap. All who participate will be automatically entered into a pool with a chance to win a $10,000 prize.

Those who are interested in joining can learn more about the competition and enter here.