This Italian Airbnb Is a Shakespeare Lover’s Dream

Casa di Giulietta’s iconic balcony (associated with Juliet’s declaration of love) in Verona, Italy – Photo: Airbnb

A trip to Verona, Italy, is an unforgettable experience in and of itself. What could make it better, though, than an overnight stay in Casa di Giulietta or Juliet’s House (yes, that’s Juliet of the timeless Shakespeare play “Romeo and Juliet”)?

This iconic medieval house-turned-museum, with its famous balcony and stunning interior decor, is available for the occasional Airbnb-er to rent out and enjoy a night to remember.

Airbnb even hosted a contest in February 2020, which allowed one lucky couple to spend a night in the house, enjoy a delicious feast prepared by a two Michelin star chef, and read through the many love letters that have been written to Juliet over the years.

The grand dining room inside Juliet’s House in Verona, Italy – Photo: Airbnb
Juliet’s bedroom features “Letto di Giulietta” – Juliet’s original bed was created by master Renzo Mongiardino and was used in the 1960s movie “Romeo and Juliet,” directed by Franco Zeffirelli) – Photo: Airbnb

Every year, romantics from across the globe send thousands of letters, all addressed to the famous Shakespeare heroine, to Casa di Giulietta. This tradition is kept going by an organization called Juliet Club, which features a team of volunteers (referred to as Juliet’s secretaries) who write individual replies to each sender. Many of these letters are available for visitors to peruse during their visit.

Casa di Giulietta is one of Verona’s most famous landmarks. According to a statement from Federico Sboarina, the mayor of Verona Municipality, it is the “most important” museum in all of Verona and attracts millions of visitors each year. Sboarina and other residents of Verona are happy to share a slice of their cultural heritage and increase the city’s visibility by offering access to this fascinating property.

For those who can’t make it to Verona in person but still want to see what Casa di Giulietta is all about, there are plenty of video tours available online. This video, available via YouTube, gives an impressive overview of the property that can tide future travelers over until they can book a stay in the city of love.