Milos Island Stuns as Background in New LV Campaign

The Greek island of Milos is more than just the number one destination on Travel + Leisure’s list of “The Top 25 Islands in the World.” With its stunning beaches and sparkling blue waters, it’s also the chosen photoshoot location for Louis Vuitton’s latest brand campaign, Towards a Dream.

The luxury French fashion house recently partnered with famed lens photographer Viviane Sassen, a Dutch artist who currently lives in Amsterdam. Sassen captured the photos for the new campaign, which features a group of schoolchildren playing on Milos’ stunning, postcard-worthy beaches.

The Louis Vuitton website features several photos and a video from the shoot. 

A statement on the website accompanies the media and explains that the campaign is an “ode to the inner child” that embodies a sense of “beauty and infinite possibility.” It also describes Milos, an island “rich in ancient history,” as a “playground of discovery” for local schoolchildren. The campaign is a celebration of their “innocent curiosity” and showcases their “limitless” sense of freedom and optimism.

The company’s statement highlights photographer Viviane Sassen as well, describing her as an artist who is inspired by the “power of dreams.” In this campaign, she takes a “far-reaching journey” to draw connections between the past, the present, and the future. Louis Vuitton also noted that after her time photographing in Milos, she would continue her work for the ongoing campaign in Jordan and France.

Louis Vuitton is the latest high fashion brand to select Greece as the location for its promotional materials. However, plenty of other brands have recognized its beauty over the years.

Most recently, in June of this year, another French luxury fashion house, Dior, used Athens, Greece, as the setting for its Cruise 2022 campaign.

Those who want to see the new campaign video, which includes behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot, can watch it below via YouTube.