Quetzalcoatl’s Nest: Explore Mexico City’s Snake House

Nido de Quetzalcóatl (Quetzalcoatl’s Nest) – Created by Javier Senosiain

Mexico City is full of stunning architecture and beautiful locations for travelers to rest their heads. For those who want to enjoy a truly ethereal experience, though, Quetzalcoatl’s Nest is the perfect destination. 

Quetzalcoatl’s Nest was created by Javier Senosiain, a renowned Mexican architect with a passion for “organic architecture,” after he was given land in Mexico City to design a structure of his own design.

Senosiain originally set out with a goal of creating a building that complements the land. The finished product is an incredible, technicolor building designed to emulate the shape of Quetzalcoatl, the mythical feathered serpent god from Mesoamerican culture. 

In an interview with Thrillist, Patricia Castillo, a friend of Senosiain who rents an Airbnb inside of the structure, explained that organic architecture “flows with nature.” It doesn’t destroy or compete with the surrounding area, but it integrates into the environment and complements it.

It took Senosiain six years to build Quetzalcoatl’s Nest, which was completed in 2006. The original structure was a 10-bedroom apartment complete with beautiful gardens and a 44-acre park complete with ponds and caves. However, approximately five years ago, some of the rooms in the building were transformed into Airbnbs.

Quetzalcoatl’s Nest can accommodate up to 6 guests, and rooms are available for $360 per night.

Quetzalcoatl’s Nest bedroom – Quetzalcoatl’s Nest / Airbnb


Quetzalcoatl’s Nest living room – Quetzalcoatl’s Nest / Airbnb

According to Castillo, a stay in Quetzalcoatl’s Nest provides far more than just a comfortable place to sleep in Mexico City. It also offers a “transformational experience” that has caused many guests to question the way they live their lives and what they want now and in the future.

To book a reservation and experience the beauty of Quetzalcoatl’s Nest, click here. Those who want to take a virtual tour of the Airbnb can also check out the video below.