Looking For a Thrill? Stay At the ‘Cliff Dweller’ Airbnb

Cliff Dweller – Image from ‘Cliff Dweller: Extreme Treehouse at Red River Gorgeous, KY’ Youtube video

Do you want your trip to Kentucky to be extra-memorable? If so, skip the traditional hotel or motel and book a stay at the Cliff Dweller Airbnb rental.

The Cliff Dweller is a unique home that, as the name suggests, is suspended from a cliff. It hangs over Kentucky’s Red River Gorge and provides travelers with a fun (albeit a little frightening) vacation destination.

Cliff Dweller from below – Photo: Cliff Dweller / Airbnb

To access the Cliff Dweller, vacationers must hike up several hundred stairs (fortunately, there are lots of landings along the way to take breaks). From here, after a bit of exercise, visitors are rewarded with a breathtaking view of the gorge and an opportunity to relax in the Airbnb.

Suspension staircase going up – Cliff Dweller / Airbnb
Top deck – Photo: Cliff Dweller / Airbnb

The Cliff Dweller house is comfortable and modern, with a queen-sized bed in the bedroom and another in the common area, making it a great travel destination for parties of 1-4 people. It’s also air-conditioned, which is great news for those who are worried about surviving the summer heat and humidity.

Queen bed in suspended bedroom – Photo: Cliff Dweller / Airbnb

In addition to cozy beds, the Airbnb offers a bathroom with a standing shower, a kitchen with a refrigerator and hotplate, and a small seating area for meals.

Kitchen and seating area – Photo: Cliff Dweller / Airbnb

The only potential downside to a stay at the Cliff Dweller (besides it not being an ideal destination for those who are afraid of heights) is that Wi-Fi is not included. Those who don’t want to have a totally unplugged trip should bring a personal hotspot to get around this issue.

For those who are ready to book their stay, rates start at $314 (long-term stays are allowed, too).

As for those who want to see what the Cliff Dweller (as well as the journey to the house) is like before they commit to a visit, the following video provides a sneak preview of what travelers can expect.