Greenpeace Trolls Boris Johnson in Hilarious New Campaign

Image from Greenpeace’s new campaign film “Wasteminster: A Downing Street Disaster”

The global organization Greenpeace recently launched a new campaign trolling British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The campaign includes a satirical animated video, titled “Wasteminster: A Downing Street Disaster.”

This video aims to make a statement about the negative impact the U.K. government’s lack of action has had on the environment. It is Greenpeace’s latest attempt to pressure the British government into creating new policies around recycling and environmental support.

The short video opens with a scene of a plastic bottle bouncing off of Johnson’s head when he’s in the middle of a press conference.

After this inciting incident, a sea of plastic (representative of the 1.8 million kilograms of waste that the U.K. sends daily to other countries) falls on the prime minister and eventually carries him off the stage and into the street like a tidal wave. Soon, the waste completely overwhelms Johnson and goes on to take over the entire British landscape.

In a statement about the video, Sam Chetan-Welsh, Greenpeace’s U.K. political campaigner, explained that much of the waste the U.K. produces is illegally dumped and burned. This poisons local citizens and pollutes the surrounding waters.

Chetan-Welsh went on to say that the government has the power and resources to stop this, but that Johnson is only taking “half-measures” instead of placing bans on plastic waste exports or making changes to the amount of plastic produced by U.K. companies in the first place.

“Wasteminster” was conceptualized and produced by professionals from Studio Birthplace and Park Village. In addition to impressive imagery, it includes quotes from Johnson’s speeches and interviews, as well as comments from other members of the U.K. government that boast about the nation’s supposed progress in combating pollution issues.

The short film can be viewed below. For those who want to further support Greenpeace U.K.’s efforts, the organization is also accepting donations