Stay in a Tipi at the Best Little Ghost Town in Texas

‘La Luna’ tipi – Photo: The Buzzard’s Roost Official Website

If you’re looking for a fun and unique vacation experience, The Buzzard’s Roost won’t disappoint. This popular travel destination is located in the Chihuahuan Desert of Terlingua, Texas, just a few minutes away from Big Bend National Park.

What is The Buzzard’s Roost? It’s a hotel that features three fully furnished tipis, all designed in the traditional Sioux style.

Each tipi has its own name and distinct decor. The three tipis are known as Las Estrellas (The Stars), La Luna (The Moon), and El Nuevo Sol (The New Sun).

Las Estrellas is a 20-foot tipi found at the farthest end of The Buzzard’s Roost. It sleeps four guests and features a queen bed and futon. Visitors will enjoy the most privacy when they stay in this fully furnished tipi. They also get to experience quiet nights and clear views of the evening skies and morning sunrises.

La Luna is another 20-foot tipi. It is outfitted with a queen bed and futon to comfortably sleep up to four people. This tipi is decorated with hand-painted canvases that highlight the different phases of the moon.

El Nuevo Sol is a smaller tipi (a 16-foot structure) that contains one queen bed and sleeps two people. Every morning, this tipi is bathed in golden sunlight. It provides an incredible experience for those who like to wake up with the sun.

Beyond kicking back and relaxing in the tipis, there’s much more to do when you stay at The Buzzard’s Roost. For example, Terlingua Ghost Town is full of unique restaurants and bars, as well as live music. Both Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park are located right outside of the property, too.

The Buzzard’s Roost entrance – Photo: Katerina Papathanasiou / The Vale Magazine

Those who want to stay in one of the three tipis at The Buzzard’s Roost can click here to check availability and book their stay.