Dutch Artist’s LED Light Installation Redefines ‘Agri-Culture’ 

Photo: Studio Roosegaarde

Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde is taking the world by storm with his latest art installation, “Grow.” With this new project, Roosegaarde celebrates modern farming practices by highlighting (literally) the plants that nourish people throughout the world.

“Grow” is a multi-faceted light installation that spans across 20,000-square-meters of leek fields in the Netherlands. It features a collection of red, blue, and ultraviolet lights that shine vertically across the crops and shift to create a stunning sense of motion.

Not only is “Grow” an incredible sight to behold, but it’s also a practical art installation. The embedded lights are actually meant to enhance plant growth and reduce the need for pesticide use by 50 percent.

Photo: Studio Roosegaarde

For this project, Roosegaarde utilized photobiological technology, as well as specialized “light recipes.” These unique elements are meant to improve crop resistance and plant metabolism without the need for additional (and potentially harmful) chemicals.

In a statement regarding “Grow,” Roosegaarde Studio explained that the installation redefines “agri-culture” and reframes the country’s landscape as an example of “living cultural artwork.”

Roosegaarde has also opened up about his inspiration for the project. He explained in an interview that he was inspired after taking a trip to a local farm, noting that the fields are responsible for keeping us fed, even though “nobody sees it.” He added that he aimed to “highlight the beauty” of the country’s agriculture.

The artist is hopeful that his art installation can act as a blueprint for other countries, including the U.S., which is the world’s number one agricultural exporter, that want to reduce pesticide use and support crop growth at the same time.

Countries that are looking for inspiration may even have an opportunity to check out “Grow” for themselves. It’s scheduled to tour 40 different countries in the next few months.

To keep up with Roosegaarde and stay informed about upcoming projects, folks can contact the studio or follow Roosegaarde on Instagram.