Whittier, AK: Where Everyone Lives Under The Same Roof

The abandoned building where people lived back when Whittier, Alaska, was still a military base – Photo: Reddit /u/HyruleanHero1988

Those who love visiting and exploring small towns are in for a treat when they arrive in Whittier, Alaska. This small, remote town is located 60 miles south of Anchorage. It’s commonly referred to as the “town under one roof.” Whittier is home to only about 217 people, making it one of the country’s smallest towns.

The town is only accessible by boat or through a one-way, one-lane tunnel. The direction of travel for the tunnel changes every 30 minutes, and those going to and from Whittier must wait until a set of lights flash before they can head through.

The entrance to the 2.5-mile long Whittier Tunnel – Photo: Flickr NAParish

At this point, small-town enthusiasts are likely pretty interested in checking Whittier out. There’s more, though. Nearly all of Whittier’s residents live in the same building, known as Begich Towers.

The building in Whittier, Alaska, that almost everyone in the town lives in

Begich Towers is the name of a collection of Cold War-era army barracks that were constructed in 1974. In addition to living quarters, the structure also contains a police station, a clinic, a grocery store, a church, a school, and a convenience store.

Begich Towers is open to visitors, too. It features a bed and breakfast perfect for guests who want to see for themselves what Whittier is all about. There are also public-use cabins available for those who prefer an outdoor experience.

In addition to touring the tiny town, visitors to Whittier can enjoy a variety of fun outdoor activities and take in the area’s gorgeous scenery. From kayaking and hiking to day cruises that take them through a series of stunning glaciers, there’s something for everyone here.

Whittier, Alaska – Photo: Flickr Tristan Loper

Curious about what Whitter looks like but not quite ready to make the trip all the way up north? A Reddit user by the name of HyruleanHero1988 and his girlfriend paid a visit to Whittier during their last vacation. The photos from their trip are available for public viewing here.