Boston Band Turns Typewriter Sounds Into Original Songs

Photo: The Boston Typewriter Orchestra

The Boston Typewriter Orchestra began with a revelation that any inanimate object makes a suitable musical instrument. Taking the world (and YouTube) by storm, this charmingly funny, yet sarcastically serious group of musical typists is ready for anything.

Finding Rhythm in an Unlikely Place

Ditching traditional instruments in favor of typewriters from yesteryear, The Boston Typewriter Orchestra is finding well-deserved success as fans everywhere marvel at their talent. The capabilities of founder Tim Devin and his group of key-tapping friends doesn’t appear lost on anyone.

It’s not easy to pick up a mechanical writing tool and turn it into a musical marvel, let alone combine it with other devices of its kind and create a recognizable, dare we say beautiful, melody. The BTO is on point with each melodic piece of music they produce, somehow effectively turning typewriters into a hauntingly lovely instrument.

Good Companions and a Little Bit of Luck

What started as a joke made back in 2004 has become a sensation seen by thousands of people. The BTO came to be not long after Devin sarcastically proclaimed himself the Conductor of The Boston Typewriter Orchestra.

Noticing the nugget of genius hidden within that statement, Devin and his best typing buddies began rehearsing and made their debut at the Art Beat Festival in Boston. They went on to perform all over New England.

Feeling the Beat

Music is something you have to feel to conceive, and there is no doubt that this band of musically inclined typists has it down to a science. They’ve gotten quite technical over the years, preferring to use old typewriters for the individual sound they generate.

Every model produces different results, and the band is not afraid to use every part of the typewriter. The bells, thumping, rollers, and sliding carriages all aid in creating the BTO’s unique, intriguing sound.

Can we just say; they’re outstanding.