Sky Lagoon, Iceland: Where the Sea Meets the Sky

Sky Lagoon waterfall
Entrance to the Ritual
Entrance to the Ritual – Photo: Pursuit

Iceland has long maintained a reputation for being one of the most serene and otherworldly landscapes on the planet. The stark, natural beauty of this remote land has garnered more than just fleeting interest from tourists from all over the globe. For years, one of the key attractions has been the thermal pools and hot springs that populate the countryside. And, with the impending completion of what looks to be the Rolls Royce of outdoor luxury experiences, there will be even greater reason to visit.

As travel restrictions and border closures continue to lift throughout the world, many are looking to escape the confines of their homes in search of a new form of rest. Preferably one with a knowing nod to the sumptuousness and beauty of nature. A new destination for elevated luxury is currently under construction in Kársnes Harbour, Kópavogur,  just outside of Reykjavik, and it seeks to offer world-weary travelers the best of both worlds.

The geothermal Sky Lagoon provides a familiar environment—resplendent outdoor pools of perfectly temperate baby blue water—set against a new and thoroughly modern vista, infinity-pool style, abutting the ever-present Atlantic Ocean. Included in this new facility: fine dining, shopping, cold pools, saunas—even a swim-up bar. It’s rejuvenation and relaxation to the max, Icelandic style.

In the Sky Lagoon
In the Sky Lagoon – Photo: Pursuit
Sky Lagoon bar
Sky Lagoon Bar– Photo: Pursuit

This retreat offers visitors a new take on tradition whilst providing restorative healing opportunities for both body and mind—something we all could use right about now. Best of all, Sky Lagoon is close enough to downtown, mere minutes from the city center, so that visitors will never feel too remote or closed off from the world. Isolation is optional, relaxation is not.

infinity edge view
Infinity Edge View – Photo: Pursuit

The ongoing construction of Sky Lagoon rests under the guidance of the Pursuit Hospitality Group; it is set to open in Spring 2021.