5 Airbnb Rentals For a Totally Unique Texas Getaway

quaint cabin, nicknamed "The Nest," which looks like just like a bird's nest
outdoor hot tub/ bath tub patio
Live Oak Treehouse at HoneyTree Farm – Photo: Airbnb

Nobody would blame you for wanting to get away. Having spent the better part of three months cooped up in our familiar surroundings, the urge to travel has never been greater. If you do decide to fly the coop, there are a few unique places to stay throughout Texas—where there’s never a dull moment. Check out five of the most amazing Texas rentals on Airbnb.

Settle Into an Adobe Dome in the Desert Near Big Bend

Off-Grid Adobe Dome near Big Bend
Terluna: Off-Grid Adobe Dome near Big Bend – Photo: Airbnb

This remote, off-the-grid adobe structure is a unique escape for the world-weary traveler looking to flee the tumultuous reality and truly tune out. Small is an understatement, but if you are comfortable in tight spaces, then this is a perfect getaway.

The Dome” has famously been featured on HGTV’s “Mighty Tiny Houses” and boasts a functional kitchen and decent sized bed. There is no flush toilet (composting only), and $2 coin showers are available offsite. The setting is naturally beautiful but isolated. Fortunately, the historic Terlingua Ghost Town is just a 25-minute drive away.

Take Your Love of Contemporary Chic to New Heights

Book nook with reading light
Live Oak Treehouse at HoneyTree Farm – Photo: Airbnb

There’s spending the night in a nest, and then there’s spending a night in the treetops. “The Live Oak” is a stunning, luxury cabin built high atop a cluster of oak trees, offering scenic views of historic Fredericksburg and the Palo Alto Creek. Amenities are modern and convenient; décor is sumptuous and Instagram-ready. One sturdy king-sized bed awaits, so too does a book nook, a sky-high hammock for reclining, and a private outdoor bath. This is glamping done right.

An Explosion of Color—Right on the Doorstep of History

living room of historic, art-fIlled Briam Cottage near the Alamo
Historic, Art-FIlled Briam Cottage Near the Alamo – Photo: Airbnb

What’s a trip to Texas without a swing by the Alamo? Briam Cottage is a perfectly cozy, art-filled stead in the heart of historic San Antonio—the perfect getaway for those who prefer to stay close to civilization. With its vibrant atmosphere and leafy garden patio with BBQ, this colorful property is a comfortable option for creative types and admirers of Southwestern culture. A queen-sized bed and generous bathroom make this a must-see for up to three guests.

Take a Trip Back in Time on This East Austin Property

bed inside vintage airstream
Vintage Airstream in East Austin – Photo: Airbnb

Tucked away in a private backyard oasis, sits a vintage airstream camper RV that is perfect for the nostalgic time-traveling vacationer. The space is tight, but the colorful interiors are only a fraction of what’s on offer in this East Austin gem. The beautiful outdoor property is expertly landscaped and teeming with animals (allergy sufferers, take note). The inside is equipped with AC/heat, a full-sized bed, an eat-in kitchen, and a clawfoot tub. The memories you’ll make in this throwback caboose are just the beginning.

Stunning Views and In-Stereo Birdsong Await You in “the Nest”

quaint cabin, nicknamed "The Nest," which looks like just like a bird's nest
THE NEST by Skybox Cabins – Photo: Airbnb

Situated in the scenic hill county of Glen Rose, this unique outpost takes nesting to a whole new level. Travelers must follow a rock path to access this quaint cabin, nicknamed “The Nest,” which looks like just like… a bird’s nest. While the interiors are impressive and chic, the rustic, wooden exteriors are indeed something to see. Perfect for two guests, the space features one bedroom and one bathroom. No TV or Wi-Fi, so bring a book.