Jayson Fann’s Larger-Than-Life Human Nest in Big Sur

Human-sized nest overlooking the Pacific Ocean
Human-sized nest perched high above the Pacific Ocean
Human-sized nest created by artist Jayson Fann on the edge of a cliff at Treebones Resort in Big Sur, California. © Copyright Treebones Resort

Inspired by the fine craftsmanship of bird nests, Jayson Fann has been building elaborate wooden structures since he was only 13 years old. The California-based artist has managed to make amazing recreational human nests that are rented out to anglers and Big Sur residents.

One of Fann’s biggest masterpieces is the 20-foot-tall Human Nest on the edge of a cliff at Treebones Resort in Big Sur, California that is entirely made out of eucalyptus branches and can accommodate up to two people. According to the artist, the building process involved fitting a puzzle of branches in a way that creates a firm structural design while bringing out a sense of artistic flow. The branches are closely knitted together such that the countersunk screws used to maintain the structural soundness are barely noticed.

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Fann prefers using eucalyptus branches as they are strong, flexible, and last longer compared to other tree branches. Like all other nests in his collection, the 40-year-old artist outsourced the branches from the local residents who wished to remove trees from their properties.

Reachable by ladder, the nest overlooks the scenic natural beauty that spreads throughout Big Sur and Coastal California. Even better, you can hear elephant seals and sea birds miles away as the wind hisses through the branches.

Inside the nest is a woven mat designed to make the interior comfortable while still maintaining the nest’s natural feel. Due to the serenity around the nest, many couples have had weddings and spent honeymoons here!

To Jayson Fann, nest building started as a passion for art, but with time it has grown into a full-time career. He now sells his human nests to homeowners, hotels, art museums, campgrounds, and more.