Mystic Hot Springs: Unique Hippie Experience in Monroe, Utah

Vintage cast iron bathtub in Monroe, Utah.
Vintage cast iron bathtub in Monroe, Utah.
Vintage cast iron bathtub. Mystic Hot Springs, Monroe, Utah.

Nestled in the heart of Utah, Mystic Hot Springs is a haven for nature lovers, hippies, and anyone who wants to experience breathtaking views and a re-emergence of their true selves. Mystic Hot Springs in Monroe is a unique type of paradise – beckoning visitors to come for a relaxing soak, stay a while in the quaint accommodations, and maybe even take in a concert. Arriving here, guests will feel their stress melt away as they become revitalized by the water’s powers.

From the sun rising over the mountains to visions of the milky way at night, the Mystic Hot Springs is a place for visitors to rediscover their life force. Guests can enjoy soaking in the pools or the antique bathtubs, where the mineral-rich water flows with natural abundance. Perfect for a blissful massage, easing muscle tension, and even floating meditation, there is a good reason why visitors from around the world are drawn to the naturally warm, cloudy water of the hot springs.

Concrete pool in Monroe, Utah.
Concrete pool. Mystic Hot Springs, Monroe, Utah.

One special visitor was artist Mike Ginsburg, who found himself at Mystic Hot Springs in 1995. One visit to this place and it is easy to see what sparked Ginsburg’s decision to purchase the resort. Today, Ginsburg can be found toiling on the grounds, producing videos, and creating artwork under the open Utah sky.

Mystic Hot Springs is a place to unwind and leave worldly stress behind. It is a place to treat yourself to the sight of animals grazing, stay overnight camping or in one of the property’s funky cabins or refurbished buses, and bask in the wilderness. Stay for a concert at a beautiful venue that’s seen over 1,100 bands and hosts the annual Mystic Hot Springs Music Festival each summer. When it is all over, take home a treasure from the gift shop that specializes in sustainable artwork and reclaimed handicrafts.

Cabin and bus for overnight stays in Monroe, Utah.
Cabin and bus for overnight stays. Mystic Hot Spring, Monroe, Utah.

Ginsburg has managed to maintain his original vision for the property, even in the face of the rapid pace of outside life. His ability to see beauty in imperfection is what brings the waters to life and draws guests into the beating pulse of the natural surroundings.

There is no denying that a place as authentic as the Mystic Hot Springs truly deserves its name. Mystic, indeed.