“Kokosmos” Short Film Brings Russian Space Culture to the World

Model Yana Dobroliubova in Anna Radchenko's video Kokosmos.

Model Yana Dobroliubova in Anna Radchenko's video Kokosmos.Russian director Anna Radchenko’s latest work “Kokosmos” blends multiple artistic disciplines into a striking and enlightened ode to her home country’s infatuation with space. The unearthly aesthetic of model Yana Dobroliubova is the centerpiece of Radchenko’s visual odyssey, seamlessly crossing genres between fashion film, ethereal music concerto, and experimental video.

Though “Kokosmos” short film makes use of bleeding edge avant-garde perspective, technology, and technique, it is accessible to anyone who wants to know more about Russia’s contributions to and passion for the infinite world beyond planet Earth.

“Growing up in post-soviet Russia I’d be constantly dreaming about space, the unknown and what was out there, almost like an unknown entity we were trying to reach out to. With ‘Kokosmos’ I wanted to express exactly that: my vision of what space and this god-like presence would look and feel like,” says the award-winning artist.

The visual theme of “Kokosmos” is built around a neon color palette featuring bright shades of purple and green that aficionados of national history and science will recognize as emphatically post-Soviet in nature. However, there is plenty of ambient, abstract material in the piece that is quite open to personal interpretation. One of Radchenko’s true triumphs in “Kokosmos” is the ability to frame the work within a specific timeline and thought space without limiting the ability of the viewer to add his or her own narrative to the experience.

Yana Dobroliubova in Anna Radchenko's short fim Kokosmos.
London-based singer and songwriter Alyusha Chagrin provided an all original sonic language for “Kokosmos,” while sound design and music experts Playhead provided the perfect musical backdrop to the visual experience. Other notable influences include Japanese manga artist Shintaro Kago, who brings in the concept of the all-seeing eye as a consistent theme that runs through the piece.

Model Yana Dobroliubova in Anna Radchenko's film Kokosmos.“Kokosmos” was scheduled to debut live on April 12th to correspond with Cosmonautics Day in Russia.